M∙A∙C strength cosmetics

What is it? MAC selected strong and powerful women with an indivudual look for this campaign, the MAC strength collection. For previous collections, MAC used ‘big’ faces like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Dita von Teese to promote their new cosmetics. But this time, they used body builder Jelena Abbou. Why is it cool? The ‘cool’ thing about […]

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Miss Transgender

We all know that transgender models are upcoming in the fashion scene. With androgynous models at the top of the fashion industry it’s not that crazy to think that gender is increasingly a matter of vision. Discover Casey Legler, the first female male-model. This woman’s secretly doing very well as a male model already for seasons. […]

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Cleaning, polishing, vacuuming… From origin feminin proceedings. But now, the Japanese,  (of course the Japanese!) created a way to clean the house on a masculine way. I think these products contribute well to the equality between men and women. What is it? The cleaning equipments from Kyosho are remote controlled. This means cleaning the house from the […]

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Gender Neutral Thinking

Nowadays the Western world is turning into a gender neutral way of thinking. Due to technologic improvements, traditional men jobs are disappearing slowly. On the other side, high functions in companies are more and more completed by women and not only by men anymore. Masculinity and femininity are getting closer and closer to each other. […]

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