New plastic!

It’s clear that one is looking for solutions for environment problems nowadays. Besides big futuristic designs, smaller developments may get attention as well. Maybe these small developments are carrying big solutions. So, there’s a problem: the big amount of plastic wandering around in our world, polluting humans and animals and affecting the environment in a […]

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Bulletproof spider-silk

A spider in Africa builds webs out of silk that is four times stronger than Kevlar, the material used in bulletproof vests. The spider-silk is layered with bio-engineered human skin grown in laboratory. Human skin is reinforced with spider silk, and can withstand a direct impact from a bullet – although not one fired at […]

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DROP eco-hotel

DROP eco-hotel is a new concept developed by URBAN SQUARE. It is a removable modular hotel suit. It is a concept that fits between a caravan and a permanent room in a traditional building. The idea is that this suit can be placed in a beauty spot, but then easily removed without any ecological damage as […]

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Futuristic designs to safe the world

In a life with worries about global warming, air pollution, nature, environment…the destination of the earth, one is looking for big solutions to protect the worlds wellbeing in long-term. For now, these solutions are too futuristic. But, maybe one day they will become real… Just like the Polar Umbrella. The idea of the Polar Umbrella is […]

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Billboards with a destination

I was looking for projects that are eco-friendly and improve our Quality of Life. The world is changing, we have to keep an eye on our future. These projects are based on sustainability with reuse in mind. The Other Side campaign has modified road-side advertisements so they can be repurposed as the materials for homes […]

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