I’m totally infatuated with the work of the Italian designer Maddalena Selvini. Her work is not only a joy for the eye, but also for the other senses!

The dark and cold winter days are here. So what’s better than cooking a soup that gives you the warmth and energy you need to burn your inner stove? And no, we don’t need the turn up the temperature of our heaters, we just need the beautiful S-POT from Maddalena Selvini to forget that’s cold outside.

“In the past, people gathered around the fireplace, where food was always being made. The warm charcoal and iron pots were put in their beds before going to sleep.” From this nostalgic image, – and the sustainable idea of preserving and  re-using heat – Selvini designed a set of pots and object that can be piled together on the same fire for cooking or warming up the stones. Besides the beautiful design of the S-POT, the elements can be spread around the house as heating for your body due to the material ‘Pietra Ollare’. This Italian soapstone is used by old crafters but has been slowly forgotten by the new generation of designers. Luckily, Selvini went to the mountains of Valtellina to rediscover and reinvent this material.


The Milan-based industrial designer has a predilection for texture and materials. Like with the S-POT, she creates a multi-layered experience around each product. The collection of Morning Spikes exist of cups made of wool and spikes adding and extra sensation to your hands… In fact, I would love to sip my morning coffee from it!



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