Some developments indicate that there’s still so much untapped materials. Like micro-algaed textiles resulting in beautiful fabrics and outfits by BLOND & BIEBER. Or next level jewelry: would you wear a pigs bladder around your neck?

The project ‘Hidden beauty – inner skins‘ by Studio Gutedort is based on a experimental material research of animal innards we usually consider as unappealing and disposed. But rather than discarding  the inner parts of cows, pigs and sheep (like bladders and bowels) the textile designers reveal their leather like surfaces and turn animal guts into jewelry.



The huge potential of micro-algae has been a subject of research in natural sciences for quite a while. BLOND & BIEBER experimented with micro-algae. The result is stunning!

Algaemy is a design-laboratory which invests in the potential of micro-algae as a pigment. A wide colour palette from different shades of blue, green, brown and even red is derived from various species of micro-algae. The designers Essi Johanna Glomb and Rasa Weber reveal the aesthetic potential of a resource which is mostly regarded as weeds within Europe. But behold, micro-algae have incredibly broad applications, in food, energy and oil, filtering and even CO2 uptake.


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