Todays seniors aren’t boring, depreciated and willing to teach you a lesson anymore. They are the new super hero’s! Fashion brand Céline uses a silver-aged beauty for their new collection: Joan Didion (80!). She’s the new face of the spring 2015 campaign. The journalist, essayist and author looks super cool and chic in a minimal navy jumper and oversized pair of shades.


And not only the beauty of this generation is used. Even their soul wisdom about life’s more and more consulted. Are you also a huge fan of your grandma’s wise words when it comes to life? Do you just love it when your grandpa starts telling you about his wild youth?

Vitalis Group, a residental care group in the Netherlands, decided to store these life wisdoms. To do so they collected the ‘immaterial heritage’ in weckpots and sorted them by stories, photo’s, life lessons etc. to pass on to the next generations. The valuable wisdoms are restored in a filing cabinet from the sixties.

The project ‘Gedachten-goed‘ is a part of project ‘Seniors in Brabant’.

Imagine… you’re in a dilemma, pick a weckpot with your grandparents wisdom from the shelf and get the perfect answer. That would be great! Keep an eye on this new generation of super senior’s!



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