In our digital world, we save everything online ‘for later’. But, chances are that these files will not exist in 10, 50 , 100 years or more. Digital data is more vulnerable than paper. Digital memory will vanish.

What’s going right now is that complete libraries are economized due to the idea that everything is on the internet. If this sad trend continuous, then we may all find ourselves suffering from collective amnesia very soon.

If we digitize the past, we will enter a state of flux, or as other experts call it The Eternal Now. And then a  new set of questions surface: ‘Who will determine the truth?’ Who gets to set the agenda of the eternal now?  How do we prevent the massive destruction of information?’


It’s a shame that even though we have loads of resources to save our entire history, it still may go up in smoke – literally, as libraries are burnt to the ground.

As a Lifestyle Professional, I prefer to look into the future rather than looking back. But, I try never to forget that knowing where you come from enables you to know where you want to go.

So, how can our digital files be preserved for the future? VPRO Tegenlicht made a documentary about digital amnesia that may help answer this question: Digitaal Geheugenverlies.


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