Leonie van Staveren recently opened the doors from ‘Stiltecafé Adem Inn’ in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (translated in English: ‘Silence café Breath-in’). Her aim is to reconnect people with silence. For this concept, Leonie searched a place that feels familiar and peaceful at the same time. She succeeded in creating an easy accessible atmosphere for young people who’re on their quest to the ‘meaning of life’. Let’s be honest, why don’t we take a break to reflect on life in our favourite hangout: a coffee bar?


Stiltecafé Adem Inn responds to a new consumer need due to today’s modern society. More and more people are searching for a moment of tranquillity to escape their hectic lifestyles. So called the trend ‘Slow Down’. It’s not just about pressing the ‘off’ button on our phones, we want more than that. Let’s escape in a visual silent room, meditate in the wild nature or just stare into our cup of coffee. The main point in this societal movement is to reconnect with your ‘inner self’. We want to refocus to what’s actually important in life. Get rid of the overload on impulses we have to deal with every day. Paring things down to the essentials allows us to free our minds. Let’s take a break to daydream, stare out of the window and slow down.



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